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Maintaining a well-serviced bicycle is essential for a safe, efficient, and enjoyable riding experience. Professional bicycle service centers offer comprehensive inspections, quality repairs, and precise adjustments to ensure your bike is in top condition. By investing in regular service, you not only increase the longevity of your bicycle but also enhance your riding performance, making each journey a smooth and memorable one. So, give your bicycle the care it deserves and experience the joy of cycling at its finest.

Detailed clean  & Lube  -    Bicycle assembly

Basic Tune Up                  -   Overhaul & Rebuilds

Advanced Tune Up          -   Pickup & Delivery service's (Applicable Fee)


Tube replacement - Cable lube / cable change

Tire replacement - Bicycle components adjustment 

Installation Tube & Tire protection

ALL Bikes welcome "Yes bring Over Your Trike and E- Bike!

For service pricing please call one Above Colby cruisers

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